Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks

Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks
Jelly Roll Quilt

Monday, June 28, 2010

They came and fixed our air-conditioner last Wed. Yeah!!

I'm going with my sister to take Mom to the doctor today to try to get the papers needed for a motorized wheel chair. I'm praying that all goes well! Mom is using a loaner chair from the medical supply store now.

I'll have to post pictures of how much I accomplished these past two weeks when I get home. I've already started packing up my stuff. My sister said to make myself at home while I stayed here, so I did. I had quilting stuff all over her house!

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Becky said...

LOL :) I can relate to having your sewing stuff all over your sister's home. Happy 4th!