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Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watching Wakeboarding

I took these photos from my nephew's boat. He is the one on the left with the black wakeboard in the above photo. Notice that he has a brace on his left leg. That's because he injured his leg in a motorcycle accident and now has a steel rod in it. He also lost the end of his little finger on his right hand in that accident. In his last motorcycle accident, he broke both his arms. Just a few weeks ago, he had a freak accident where the tow rope wrapped around his thumb on his right hand and cut it off at the joint. He is still out of work due to that accident, but look at what he and his friend can do!

Opps, the above photo was where they crashed into each other!

They leap up into the air at one wake and splash down on the outside of the other wake.

Sometimes they do a trick while they are in the air.

Going under a bridge is fun!

The bridge in the next two photos is Interstate Hwy. 81.

Notice that my nephew is on the left in the above photo, and on the right in the photo below.

They are constantly switching sides in order to take turns jumping the wake. One rope is longer than the other one.

In the photo below, my nephew ducks down, while his friend sails over him! (Click on the photo to see it better.)

When my sister saw the photo below, she said, "I didn't know he could do that!" I said, "He can't, he fell!"


Brenda said...

Missed you last week. I can't beleive that your nephew can do all of those tricks. I would never even think about doing that. Thinking of you and your mom.

Waytogojb said...

Wow! Oh to be young again. Who am I kidding, I would have never even considered anythin like that.
Hope Mom is doing better.

Becky said...

It makes me nervous just looking at the photos of your nephew and his friend. The lake looks wonderful. Hope you are having a relaxing time. Hope that your Mom is on the mend! Missed you at Stitch-in!