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Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update on Mom & Hot Air Balloon

I'm still in TN living with my mom and taking care of her. My sister took Mom to the neurologist yesterday, while I did some shopping chores for Mom. Several weeks ago, Mom had an open MRI of her brain in Bristol, TN. My sister took a CD of that test with them for Dr. Wright, the neurologist. He also ordered an ultrasound of her brain, and an EEG brain wave test to be done in the office yesterday before her visit with him. After all the tests, they finally got to see the doctor. He told them that Mom's test results were pretty good. She probably didn't have a stroke but does have some memory loss and an area of the right side of her brain where she has hardening of the arteries in her brain. (He thinks that's what is causing her falls, weakness on the left side, and abnormality of gait when she walks.) The hardening of the brain arteries is irreversable, but we need to keep a close check on her high blood pressure to prevent it from getting worse. He changed her high blood pressure medicine to stabalize her blood pressure better. Dr. Wright also prescribed Cardiotek RX tablets once a day. It's a vitamin specifically for the brain. He said we could discontinue the home health physical therapy because the first 4-6 week are the most critical. Mom should continue to exercise and use her left side (like the therapist taught her) as much as possible. Mom is so happy to be free from home health and she is anxious to be able to go places again. We still need to hang on to her and be very careful so she won't fall again. Mom also got new glasses and a new cell phone yesterday. It may take her a while to adjust to all this, but hopefully we are on the right track to recovery. The eye doctor also warned us that her new lens may make her balance a little "slanted" because they had to make so many adjustments in her vision. Mom is supposed to write down her blood pressure every morning and night for one month and go back to Dr. Wright on Aug. 13. Sometime in the next day or two we need to get a life line button necklace or wrist band for mom to wear. The cell phone is just like her old one, but a newer version. After my sister set the volume level on high, Mom was able to hear without using the speaker phone in her ear. Yeah!!!

You never know what you might see on the lake here. Yesterday, a neighbor called to say that a hot air balloon was outside. I rushed to get my camera and ran outside. These are the pictures that I took.

When a balloon comes down to the lake, the basket barely touches the lake. It is called "kissing the lake."

It went back up and down between the trees. We think that it probably landed in someone's yard on the other side of the lake.

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sewberry0049 said...

susan, I am so glad to hear of your mom good report at the neuro office. We really missed you at Stitch in. It looks like you have kept yourself busy sewing----in what spare time , I don't know, but all looks great. Hope to see you soon.