Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks

Moose on the Porch Quilt Blocks
Jelly Roll Quilt

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quilt Projects

I have been quilting since 1994. I belong to a quilting group that meets once a month. I also belong to a quilt guild. I have finished the quilt projects listed below so far. You can see pictures of some of them in my Photo Album 1, or Photo Album 2,

Here is a list of the ones that I've made and the dates finished:
  1. Square-In-Square Quilt for my daughter, 1994
  2. Flying Dutchman Quilt for my son, 1994
  3. Cross & Crown Wall Hanging for my mother, 1995
  4. Apple Wall Hanging for my classroom, 1995
  5. Welcome Back to School Wall Hanging for my classroom, 1997
  6. Sampler Blocks Quilt for my sister, 1998
  7. Harvest Wall Hanging, 1998
  8. Santa Claus is Coming Wall Hanging, 1998
  9. Welcome Flower Box Wall Hanging for my sister, 2000
  10. T-Shirt 1 Quilt for my daughter, 2001
  11. All-A-FlutterWall Hanging for my mother, 2001
  12. Jeans 1 Quilt for my daughter, 2002
  13. Jeans 2 Quilt for my son, 2002
  14. Jeans 3 Quilt, 2002
  15. Friends Quilt for my mother, 2003
  16. Dog Quilt for my sister, 2004
  17. Mickey Twisted Bargello for my daughter, 2005
  18. Mom's 80th Birthday Memory Quilt, 2005
  19. Fall Placemats, 2005
  20. T-Shirt Quilt for my son, January, 2006
  21. Footprints Quilt for Mom, April, 2006
  22. Butterfly Wall Hanging for a friend April, 2006
  23. Blueberry Pie for my son, finished May, 2006, given 10/20/2006
  24. Relay for Life, I did the machine appliqué on this quilt. It was for a quilt guild member's school, May, 2006
  25. Block of the Month Quilt from 2005, finished July, 2006
  26. School Wall Hanging for our principal, August, 2006
  27. School Wall Hanging for an assistant principal, August, 2006
  28. School Wall Hanging for an assistant principal, August, 2006
  29. School Wall Hanging for a friend, August, 2006
  30. Footprints Quilt for my uncle, August, 2006
  31. Tiger Quilt for my aunt, August, 2006
  32. Bear Quilt for my sister's classroom – September, 2006
  33. 23rd Psalm Wall Hanging for Mom, September, 2006
  34. Square Dance Quilt for my niece, finished October, 2006, given 12/25/2006
  35. Christmas Pineapple for my sister, finished October, 2006, given 12/25/2006
  36. Geese in the Fields for my nephew, finished October, 2006, given 12/25/2006
  37. Friendship Crossing Quilt for my daughter, December, 2006
  38. Linus Project Quilt, December, 2006
  39. Linus Project Quilt, January, 2007
  40. Quilting Tote Bag for myself, March, 2007
  41. Hop, Skip, & a Jump Baby Quilt for a friend, April 2007
  42. Crossed Path, April, 2007
  43. Linus Project Quilt, May, 2007
  44. Toy Tools Baby Quilt for my daughter's friend, July, 2007
  45. Linus Project Quilt, May, 2007
  46. Wonder Wallets for a Breast Cancer Banquet, July, 2007
  47. Darva’s Daisies (cat) wall hanging for my sister’s classroom – July, 2007
  48. Circle Bargello, June, 2007
  49. Welcome Banner for MHS Attendance Office, August, 2007
  50. Two Alzheimer’s Quilts for patients at a retirement home, November, 2007
  51. Galaxy of Stars, made for the QIS Quilt Challenge. It won 1st place! December, 2007
  52. Patchwork Snowman – for my sister, December, 2007
  53. Fish Quilt for a cousin's baby, January, 2008


Becky said...

Your blog looks fabulous! It has such a together look! Later today after I get something done (or maybe just later today), I'll look at your photo albums of your quilts. That's something I want to do, have an album with my completed quilts. We must have just missed you at Sweet Home. We were there about 1:30. What time did you get there? Take a picture of your goodies. Let's see if it was something that tempted me:)

Take care!

Gretchen said...

Hi Susan! Your blog is looking great! Thanks for the nice comment about Morticia. Hope to see you soon at Sisters

Karin said...

Yeah your up on blog spot-sure hope you are going to keep up the beautiful flower pictures too.

Carol said...

Glad to see you in blogspot. I will put you in my favorites!! I love to keep up on what all my friends are doing. See you at QIS.

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Susan your blog is terrific! Thanks so much for your lovely visit!! I will be posting on my blog soon...nothing to talk about now except..wellll never mind teehee.

See you soon.